Furious nationalists: beaten radicals turn to police to punish Sharia sympathizers (video)



In Kiev, after a rally for the defense of the rights of journalists organized by supporters of the Sharia party, clashes took place between the participants in the rally and representatives of nationalist ideology. The nationalists made a series of attacks, but not all of the attacks ended safely for themselves.

The struggle with the radicals
Fight with radicals –

Reports on this subject “MFN”, with reference on the air of ZIK.

In his social networks, Anatoly Shary published several videos of acts of aggression on his supporters by nationalists. In the Kiev metro, nationalists from behind attacked a young man in a T-shirt with sharia party symbols, after which supporters of sharia rebuffed the nationalists.

On ZIK, Anatoly Shariy said the radicals have filed a lawsuit against supporters of his party for being beaten.

“What a strange interaction with the MVD these radicals have. They attacked civilians who did not touch anyone, and when the civilians finally repelled these radicals, the courage of the nationalists died. I have been informed that the nationalists have written a statement that they have been beaten. I have lots of video facts that clearly show how exactly these radicals attack civilians, ”said Shariy.

He stressed that the rally under the President’s orders was not organized for Sharia law, but for peaceful Ukrainians and journalists tired of being attacked by radicals and the inactive police.

In the video with beaten nationalists, you can hear that one of them is a veteran. He sent numerous threats to Sharia supporters.

At Khreshchatyk metro station, a fight broke out between Shariah supporters and representatives of the Azov regiment, for more details – video is already having the consequences of the incident. Video: Olga Shari

Gepostet von Pavlovsky News am Mittwoch, 17. Juni 2020

Recall, as previously stated, we lost to Ukraine – the L / DPR separatists recognized their own failures in the foreground.



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