Gandzyuk case: due to heart problems, Eating will not be brought to justice – lawyer



Gandzyuk case: due to heart problems, Eating will not be brought to justice - lawyer

Gandzyuk case: due to heart problems, Eating will not be brought to justice – lawyer

06/14.2020 13:50


The head of the Kherson regional council, Vladislav Manger, who is now in the cardiology clinic, the police read out the court order on the way to the hearing.

The Ukrinform correspondent was informed on June 14 by Manger’s lawyer Dmitry Ilchenko.

“Two police officers entered the room of the intensive care unit, Manger read the order in the reader, after which Manger declared that he had no physical capacity to appear in court. A doctor on call was invited, who, after consulting the medical advisory council, made a statement on the impossibility of transporting Manger, according to which transport would be dangerous for his health, “said Ilchenko.

According to the lawyer, after that, in accordance with article 143 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of Ukraine, a decision was made on the impossibility of delivering Manger to the court, and a law was drafted on this subject. This act, accompanied by a medical certificate, will be sent to the court.

“That is to say that at 9:30 am on Monday, the police must submit documents to the court and give an explanation for the impossibility of delivering Manger. If everything goes according to law, then, therefore, the court should postpone the examination of the case until the recovery of Manger, “said Ilchenko.

According to the lawyer, the doctors say that if complications do not arise, then Eating can be transportable in a week, being able to participate in meetings. However, Ilchenko stressed that it is difficult to predict something here.

The lawyer noted that there was no question of delaying the process, a decision was made: as soon as Manger could be transported, even if medical support was required, he would participate in the hearing. “Let us take a nurse with us, she will carry out the necessary manipulations, will participate (Eating – ed.), As soon as it is possible in principle,” said Ilchenko.

The defense side noted that when the police acted in accordance with the law, there were no complaints regarding the actions of the police.

The lawyer also commented on the situation near the hospital, where there were not only a large number of police officers, but also a group of supporters of Le Manger. Ilchenko says “patriotic Kherson people” say they want to stand guard near the hospital so he is not captured or “other things” because they are concerned about such calls which have been broadcast on social media.

As journalists on duty near the hospital confirmed, Kherson police chief Alexander Govorun, the police who came to the hospital followed the court order to bring the suspect to justice. According to him, the police officer, who was responsible for the enforcement of the forced driving decision, could not execute it because the hospital establishment provided information according to which the suspect could not be transported to Kiev without risk to his health.

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As for the large number of police officers near the hospital, he said that the police determined the risks and the number of police officers to be involved. “We think there may be some sort of public safety violation, so we have involved so many police officers,” said Govorun.

As Ukrinform reported, the acting director of the executive committee of the Kherson city council, Yekaterina Gandzyuk, was sprayed with sulfuric acid at the entrance to her home in Kherson on July 31, 2018. The burns affected 40% of the woman’s body. Gandzyuk underwent several operations, but died on November 4 of the same year.

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Five people were arrested on suspicion of being involved in his murder, and on November 12, 2018, it became known that Igor Pavlovsky, the former assistant to the people’s deputy Nikolai Palamarchuk, was arrested.

On February 11, 2019, the attorney general’s office announced to the chairman of Kherson regional council Vladislav Manger the suspicion of organizing the assassination of Gandzyuk. The court chose a preventive measure in the form of detention with the possibility of release on bail in the amount of 2 million 497 thousand 300 hryvnias, which was introduced.

On June 6, 2019, five direct perpetrators of the attack were sentenced to 3 to 6.5 years in prison.

In January 2020, on the territory of Bulgaria, Aleksey Levin, assistant consultant to the deputy of the Kherson regional council, was arrested for having organized an attack against Gandzyuk.

On March 16, Levin was extradited from Bulgaria to Ukraine.

According to investigators, Levin is a key figure who links the performers (the “Torbin group”) and the clients of Gandzyuk’s attack. It is he who is suspected of having organized this crime, incited its implementation, providing in particular information concerning the place of residence of Gandzyuk.

In March, the court extended the investigation into the Levin case until July 29.

On April 27, the Office of the Attorney General and the SBU announced the end of the investigation into the organization of an attack on Gandzyuk.

At the same time, activists said they considered it premature to refer the Gandzyuk case to the courts. According to them, law enforcement officials did not complete all of the investigations.

On June 11, Manger received a decree in Kiev to resume the preliminary inquiry, as well as a request to elect a preventive measure in the form of detention without the right to bail.

Community activists “Who ordered Katya Gandzyuk?” say that the chairman of the Kherson regional council, Vladislav Manger, suspected of being involved in the attack on activist Katerina Gandzyuk, is trying to hide from the hospital court.

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