GBR carried out more than 20 tax searches due to Umansky’s statement



GBR carried out more than 20 tax searches due to Umansky's statement

GBR carried out more than 20 tax searches due to Umansky’s statement

05/28.2020 21:56


As part of the pre-trial investigation, the State Investigations Office conducted more than 20 searches at the State Tax Service.

This was reported by the GDB press service.

“As part of the preliminary investigation into criminal procedure, opened at the request of former Minister of Finance Igor Umansky, on the procedural management of prosecutors from the General’s Office and in collaboration with the Internal Security Directorate of State of the National Fire Service of Ukraine, the State Security Service carried out more than 20 searches in the offices of the Tax Service of Ukraine in Kiev, Lviv and Donetsk regions, “said the report.

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According to the State Duma, officials of the central apparatus and regional bodies of the National Tax Service of Ukraine, abusing their official position, contributed to the illegal formation of value added tax. The tax authorities have contributed to the operation of “conversion-transit groups of commercial entities and to their circumvention of automated monitoring systems to assess risk levels and, therefore, to tax evasion on a particularly large scale.

“According to confirmed preliminary estimates, the amount of losses suffered by the state budget in the episodes under investigation is more than 45 million hryvnias,” said the State Reserve Committee.

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As previously reported, former Minister of Finance Igor Umansky published media reports of acts of bribery of government officials, in particular the State Tax Service, the State Tax Service and the State Customs Service, which would have resulted in the loss of particularly large amounts of revenue from the State budget of Ukraine.

On April 24, the Verkhovna Rada adopted Decree No. 3358 << sur la formation de la Commission d'enquête provisoire de la Verkhovna Rada d'Ukraine sur l'enquête sur les faits de corruption possible par des responsables gouvernementaux qui a entraîné des pertes importantes dans les recettes du budget de l'Ukraine >> at an extraordinary meeting.

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