GBR opened trial for attacking journalist Kutepov



GBR opened trial for attacking journalist Kutepov

GBR opened trial for attacking journalist Kutepov

04/29.2020 20:15


The National Bureau of Investigation opened criminal proceedings due to an incident between a police officer and the journalist Bogdan Kutepov under the supervision of the Cabinet of Ministers.

This was reported by the GDB press service.

“Investigators from the Main Investigation Department of the National Bureau of Investigation have opened a preliminary investigation into the abuse of power or official authority of a law enforcement officer who was accompanied by violence (part 2 of the Article 365 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine), “the statement said.

The State Security Service noted that, according to a media report, on April 29 at around noon in Kiev near the Cabinet of Ministers, the police had exceeded their official authority and inflicted bodily harm on the television journalist Gromadsky.

If proven guilty, law enforcement officials face a prison sentence of three to eight years with deprivation of the right to hold certain positions or engage in certain activities for up to three years, added the Bureau.

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As Ukrinform reported, police patrol officers used force against Hromadske television reporter Bogdan Kutepov on the morning of April 29 when he televised the contractors’ action near the Cabinet ministers.

The Interior Ministry said that due to the conflict between the police and the journalist, an official investigation had been opened against the patrol officer.

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