GDB instituted a “case of 43 paintings” based on Internet publications – lawyer



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GDB instituted a “case of 43 paintings” based on Internet publications – lawyer

06.06.2020 4:20


The State Bureau of Investigations opened a case of illegal movement of paintings across the border after being published on Gordon’s website in February of this year.

Lawyer Ilya Novikov, representing the interests of fifth president Petro Poroshenko, said so at a press conference, reports a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“It turned out where the case about 43 paintings came from. It was instituted on February 19, 2020 based on last year’s publication on Gordon’s website. The report to Irina Venediktova , who then headed the RSB, was subjected to his deputy Sokolov. He claimed that the publication gave enough reason to believe that he was committing a crime, “said the lawyer.

According to him, during the investigation, the investigator drafted an inspection protocol for the Wikipedia site, which stipulates that Poroshenko was previously president, and now he is a member of parliament.

Then, said Novikov, the investigator wrote a memo saying that they were going to destroy the Poroshenko paintings at the Gonchar museum. On this basis, the investigators “went to break the doors of the museum”.

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As Ukrinform reported, on May 26, Poroshenko did not come to be questioned at the State Security Bureau as a witness in the case of an illegal transfer of cultural property across the border. Instead, he presented an exhibition of paintings from his private collection at the Ivan Gonchar Museum.

Representatives of GBR then came to the Ivan Gonchar Museum. According to representatives of the institution, security officials broke the door.

The State Security Bureau said they had arrived at the museum to deliver a message to Poroshenko on a call for interrogation and to investigate. At the same time, the State Security Service claims that the museum administration and others obstructed the conduct of the investigations, so a special unit was involved.

Earlier, the GBR announced on its Telegram channel a new call for interrogation by Petro Poroshenko on May 29 in the framework of an investigation into two criminal proceedings: concerning the crossing of the customs border of Ukraine with the concealment of control customs collection of cultural goods, which consists of 43 paintings by internationally renowned artists, as well as the possible illegal use of special technical means to obtain information, which could cause significant damage to the interests of the state.

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