“Geneva call” launches an information campaign for doctors in Donbass



The international organization Geneva Call is launching the information campaign “War also has rules” to promote humanitarian standards in the area of ​​access to health and medicine in the zone of armed conflict in Ukraine.

This Ukrinform reported in the Ukrainian office of the organization.

“During an epidemic, it is particularly important that all warring parties respect the rules of war. There is a need to ensure the safe functioning of medical institutions and doctors, in order to ensure public access to health services, ”said the report.

As mentioned earlier, the “War also has rules” campaign will contain videos, articles and backgrounders that will show the rules for protecting medical personnel and medical vehicles, as well as access to health services for all those who need it in conditions of armed conflict.

Videos can be viewed in Ukrainian: “Access to medical assistance”, “Zakhists protect health”; as well as in Russian: “Access to medical care”, “Protection of health care”.

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Geneva Call is a neutral and impartial non-governmental organization headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, dedicated to the protection of civilians in armed conflict. The protection of medical missions is one of the main activities of the organization. The objective of the “Everyone has the right to medical assistance” project is to familiarize the civilian population and the military with the rules of war.

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