Germany has dealt a heavy blow to Putin’s plans: consequences are unpredictable



The German Federal Network Agency has confirmed its decision that the rules of the updated EU gas directive in Germany would apply fully to the Russian Nord Stream 2 project if it was completed.

This is reported by the NPF, referring to

Vladimir Putin is concerned.
Germany has ruined the plans of Russian President Putin. Photo:

The inclusion of this decision concerns the separation of functions between the gas supplier and its conveyor. Since Gazprom has a monopoly on the production and export of gas under the laws of the Russian Federation, Russia will be obliged to follow European standards for the functioning of the gas market.

In addition, according to EU standards, pipeline capacity can only be used by a business owner for 50%, other companies should have free access to the rest of the capacity.

Since the entry to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is one and is located on the territory of Russia, access by other companies is impossible. Therefore, even after the completion of the construction of “Stream 2”, the Russian Federation will not be able to load the pipeline transit capacity with more than 50% of the planned 55 billion cubic meters. m per year.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine immediately responded to the decision of the German regulator and voted in favor of this measure. Prime Minister Denis Shmygal noted that this move on the part of Germany underlines the inviolability of European standards and inflicts a powerful blow on Vladimir Putin’s plans.

Earlier, it was reported that the Kremlin is ready to make concessions in the Donbass.



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