Germany has not yet agreed with Ukraine on guest workers – Media



Germany has not yet agreed with Ukraine on guest workers - Media

Germany has not yet agreed with Ukraine on guest workers – Media

05/01.2020 14:13


There is still no mediation agreement between the German and Ukrainian labor departments, which would allow German employers to hire Ukrainian workers to harvest the crop under restrictions associated with the pandemic of COVID-19 worldwide.

This was reported by DW with reference to the Federal Labor Agency.

“Subject to a number of conditions, workers from third countries can work on crops in Germany, despite general restrictions on entry into the country. In particular, this is possible if there is a so-called Mediation agreement between the labor services of Germany and the corresponding third country. At the same time, they noted the agency has not yet concluded such an agreement with its Ukrainian counterparts in Germany, “said the report.

The only category of seasonal workers in Ukraine, who, even during the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus, can participate in the harvest in Germany, are schoolchildren and students who come to work during the holidays. In this case, the conclusion of a mediation agreement is not required.

In this case, agricultural enterprises independently seek suitable workers abroad, ensure that they receive the necessary permits and organize their arrival for work.

Earlier, the Ukrainian Honorary Consul in Belgium, Chris Beckers, said that in the near future, Brussels may start negotiations with Kiev on the participation of Ukrainians in seasonal harvesting. He indicated that he planned to conduct appropriate telephone conversations with the Belgian government.

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Prime Minister Denis Shmygal said on April 29 that the Ukrainian government is ready to negotiate with European countries seeking to invite Ukrainians to seasonal work. It instructed Vadim Pristayko, Deputy Prime Minister responsible for European and Euro-Atlantic integration, to continue examining this question.

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