Gigantic skeletons found under pyramids in Peru



Exactly under the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon in Peru, an ancient burial with unusual remains has been found. Archaeologists have found a discovery from the time of the Moche culture.

Pyramid in Peru
Pyramid in Peru. Photo –

It is reported by “MFN” with reference to the scientific publication Archeology.

The inhabitants of Moche built a large 15-storey pyramid. It is made of clay bricks and is the tallest building of the people of Moche. These people reached their peak of prosperity in about six hundred BC. AD and generally existed from 200 to 800 BC.

The archaeological team at the University of Florida has spent years digging. In this place, traces of fishing and art of ideological inspiration were found. Urine is highly dependent on aquatic arteries and fishing.

Archaeologists have been able to establish that the unusual remains they found belonged to underwater inhabitants. The ancient skeletons of whales and sharks seem specific. The place seemed as if ancient people practiced mystical rituals there, and the remains were not accidental.

Recall, as noted above, a terrible deity: scientists have found a place of worship for a terrible anthropomorphic creature.

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