Give us a direct answer – Arestovich turned to Zelensky about a criminal case against Tatyana Chernovol



Well-known military expert and blogger Alexei Arestovich reacted strongly to a criminal case against former MP Tatyana Chernovol. According to Arestovich, the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky “becomes the political enemy of the Maidan”.

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Alexei Arestovich shared his opinion on his page in Facebook reports MFN.

Alexei Arestovich reacted strongly to the criminal case against Tatyana Chernovol. According to him, the authorities made a huge mistake. The case against Chernovol, according to Arestovich, testifies that “Zelensky took the position of the political enemy of the Maidan”. He reminded the head of state that “Maidan was an act of spontaneous self-defense of the people”. Thus, the Ukrainians rebelled against the Yanukovich regime and “deploying Ukraine in the arms of the Kremlin”.

“A year has passed and the current president has technically sided with running away from the Maidan cases (Viktor Yanukovych. – Ed. MFN) ”, Wrote Arestovich.

The blogger turned to the head of state and asked him to comment.

“Give us a direct answer. Are you an enemy or not yet? “

Furthermore, Arestovich does not exclude the possibility that the persecution of those who oppose the Russian aggression may even begin soon.

But, at the same time, Arestovich said the transition to the Kremlin side could end with popular protests.

“For the melody:” the arbitrary is the Kremlin “in Ukraine always has the third final tact – an act of collective self-defense of the people,” writes Arestovich.

Earlier, we reported that MP Goncharenko had convicted Zelensky of lying.



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