Global Coronavirus Alliance: Five Country Leaders Make Resounding Statement


World map of coronavirus infection



Singapore, Germany, Ecuador, Jordan and Ethiopia take the initiative to create a “Global Coronavirus Alliance”

World map of coronavirus infection
World map of coronavirus infection. Photo –

It is reported by “Censor.NO“, Reports” MFN “.

The declaration was signed by the presidents of these countries. Its authors expressed their confidence in the need to create an international union of cooperation in the fight against the coronavirus. There are plans to jointly develop drugs and disseminate the material results of the work of scientists around the world in sufficient quantities.

“We have seen that everyone is equal before the coronavirus. We have to work together because we have an enemy and it is a virus. No one is spared a pandemic and there are hardly any countries and territories where the coronavirus would not rage. Opportunities, economy and level of technological development play no role here. Saving lives is a priority for the world today. Such large-scale crises always show the best and worst sides of humanity, “the statement said.

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