Goncharenko is furious with Sharia law: the people’s deputy made a loud statement



MEP Aleksey Goncharenko is outraged by the activities of Ukrainian politician and blogger Anatoly Shary. Goncharenko urged Sharia to come and answer personally to him for his actions.

Alexey Goncharenko
Alexey Goncharenko. Photo –

It is reported by “MFN”, with links to “Dialogue“And on the video Anatoly Sharia.

Goncharenko is sure that the removal of sharia from the wanted list in Ukraine is an excellent reason for him to return to Ukraine and stop sending his journalists, and has spoken to him personally.

“Anatoly Shariy sent me his journalists again. They are trying to report me, “said Goncharenko.

Goncharenko said Shary reminded him of a character from Varis Game of Thrones. He is an unprincipled and immoral person who wants to serve several masters at the same time.

In turn, Shariy wonders with Goncharenko why in Odessa, in the district of the people’s deputy, there are a large number of doctors infected with the coronavirus and why Goncharenko did not take care of his people.

During a discussion with a journalist, Sharia Goncharenko could not bear him and called for help from the police, who ignored his requests.

Reminder, as previously indicated, Poroshenko dictates his conditions to the “Servants of the people”: the ruling party is ready for concessions.

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