Google and Facebook will work in a new way


Despite opening offices, companies will give employees the opportunity to work from home.

Epidemic results: Google and Facebook will work in a new way. Photo: UA.News

Technology giants Google and Facebook have announced plans to open their offices in the near future, but with more flexibility at home.

Google management has informed employees that work in remote mode will be basic until at least October 2020, and possibly by early 2021. About 10–15% of employees will still be able to return to their offices in June, which may increase security measures. But this only applies to professionals whose presence at the workplace is essential for the smooth running of information systems.

Facebook said it would reopen its offices on 6 July, as coronovirus locks are being gradually removed. But company employees can also stay at home until the end of 2020.

Facebook employees have been working from home since March. The company said it would continue to pay salaries on an hourly basis to employees who would not be able to work due to staff cuts, office closures or illness.

The tendency to work at home is a great solution for companies. In addition, many workers fear returning to work amid a global epidemic.

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Recall that after the onset of quarantine in the United States, companies did not register an expected drop in labor productivity. The era of office work is officially ending, and those who do not agree can be safely attributed to the archaic bison.

Employees cope so well with their tasks from afar that American company executives are considering the possibility of giving up part of expensive office real estate to save money.

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