Google buys smart glass manufacturer


Google notes that it is working on a new trend called ambient computing. Buy North Startup to help the company in this


Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. Reported About the purchase of Canadian startup North, specializing in the production of smart glasses called Focals. Terms were not disclosed, but several media reported that the deal was worth about $ 180 million.

Google notes that it is working on a new trend called ambient computing. This means that technology disappears in the background, and all devices that surround a person are interconnected and operate in the background. North’s technical expertise will help Google develop the necessary hardware.

Environmental computing is a combination and development of voice input technology, speech recognition, Internet of Things, gestures, wearable gadgets, augmented reality and many more. Environmental computing provides that gadgets are constantly in the background, and you don’t have to specifically interact with them in any way. The most common example of this is a smart column.

For startup employees, nothing will change. He will join the Google team while living in Kitchener Waterloo in Canada.

Fox Smart Glass debuted at a price of $ 1,000 in 2018, down from $ 600 last year. However, the company managed to sell very few devices – according to media reports, no more than 1000 pairs from the moment of launch.

Focals is an augmented reality (AR) device that supports notifications from Android devices. Compared to Google Glass, Answers Smart Glass allows Android users to perform a number of actions on their smartphones, such as answering emails, retweets, and receiving game update notifications for games.

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Remember, Google will strengthen user privacy protections with the launch of new automated deletion controls. Now when the user turns on the Location History (which is turned off by default), the auto delete option will be set by default to 18 months. Automatic deletion for app history and web search will also be set to 18 months for new accounts.

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