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Search engine decided to leave one of its services

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American tech giant Google has shut down the service for listening and searching for Google Play Music. As an alternative, users are encouraged to switch to another YouTube music service.

Google Play Music will be available before the end of this year, so that users have ample time to transfer content and understand YouTube music. All users of Google Play Music will soon receive an email with detailed instructions on how to transfer the full history and content of Google Play Music, as well as how to start a podcast to another service. To do this, you’ll need to download the YouTube music app, click the transfer button – and all downloads, purchases, added songs and albums, as well as personal playlists and settings will be instantly transferred. The updated recommendations will also appear on the YouTube Music homepage.


Last august google Removed the ability to subscribe to play music With new updates to the application for Android. You can subscribe using the web version of Google Play Music or the older version of the application.

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Google previously announced that the Google Meet video conferencing service would be free for all users. Now everyone with a Google account will be able to register with Google Meet and get many features that are commonly available to business users and educational institutions.

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