Google gives free access to premium service


Previously, advanced Google Meet features were only available to GSuite and GSuite for education business users.

Conferences, Meetings and Meetings: Google offers free access to a premium service

Google has announced that in the coming weeks, the Google Meet video conferencing solution will be available to all for free. Now everyone with a Google account will be able to sign up for Google Meet and get many features that are commonly available to business users and educational institutions.

These features include scheduling and screen access, real-time signatures and layouts that fit your preferences, especially in advanced mosaic mode.

According to the company, peak daily use of meats has increased 30-fold since January. As of April, the Meet database hosts 3 billion minutes of video calls daily and approximately 3 million new users are added. Last week, the daily number of participants in the meet meetings was over 100 million.

The company focuses on security – Google manufactures, develops and uses all products to protect users with all the requirements, privacy of their data and information.

Features of Google Meet:

  • Up to 100 conference participants at a time;
  • Up to 60 minutes of video conferencing (until 30 September, conditions apply without time limit);
  • screen display;
  • The configuration of windows on the screen depends on your preferences, including “mosaic” mode;
  • Real-time editing;

Summary PAYSPACE magazine

Recall, with Google Charity Fund, GiveDirectly, began raising funds to help five thousand families living in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA. This is an area which suffers huge economic losses from the coronovirus epidemic.

The collaboration aims to raise $ 5 million, so that each family receives $ 1000. The fund has already invested $ 1 million, the same amount being allocated by the head of the alphabet Sundar Pichai. As of Monday, more than $ 2.45 million had been raised from the planned amount.

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