Google Play Movies Launches Free Movie Screening


Free movies will get age restriction

Google Play Movies will begin free screening of movies: for which a new option is available

In the streaming era, there are many places where you can watch and listen to a lot of content for free. Vudu, Sling TV, and many other platforms offer “pay-as-you-go” movies, and now it looks like Google will join them.

In the near future, the Google Play Movies service will be able to offer free movies to viewers with ad inserts.

Most likely, the innovation will be a continuation of the selection of YouTube movies, which began in 2018. The experts’ conclusion was due to the fact that Google Play and YouTube exchange information from the same library when it comes to purchased content.

It seems that free movies may require users to specify birthdays, which may prevent children from watching R rated movies. Exact launch dates are not yet known. However, signs of new features in the code indicate that the wait is short.

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Recall, veteran Universal Studios decided to speed up the release of some of its latest films on digital distribution platforms due to coronary virus infections.

The films The Invisible Man, The Hunt, and Emma, ​​which are still being rented in theaters, will now be available for online rental next Friday morning. The cost of such a service would be $ 20.

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