Google Updates Chrome: What’s Changed in Web Browser


New updates and features will be available in the coming weeks.

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Google has updated Chrome: what has changed in the web browser. Photo:

The Google tech giant introduced new tools and a new design for privacy and security settings in the Chrome web browser. As the company’s press service, it will help users control their security on the Internet.

In particular, some controls have been simplified for better control and discovery.

Cookie Management:

1. Now the user can choose how cookies will be used by websites that block all cookies on some or all websites, along with the ability to block third-party cookies in general or incognito mode Huh.

2. In Site Settings, the controls are reorganized into two separate sections to simplify the search for the most important website permissions: your location, camera or microphone, and access to notifications. The new section also shows the most recent permissions.

3. At the top of Chrome Settings, the “Me and Google” section now appears in which you can find synchronization control. These controls allow you to determine what data Google transmits to a Google user account for storage and is available on all of its devices. Since many people delete browsing history regularly, the company has moved this control to the top of the “Privacy and Security” section.

Chrome Security Checkup:

1. Thanks to the new security check in Settings, the user can quickly confirm the security of their work in Chrome. The new tool will notify the user if the password he requested to remember Chrome was hacked, and if so, how to fix it.

2. The tool will notify the user that the Safe Browsing function is disabled – Google technology will warn you before visiting a dangerous site or downloading malicious applications or extensions.

3. The security checker has a new additional way to detect if the version of Chrome has been updated, i.e. it is equipped with the latest security features. If malicious extensions are installed, the user will get a message on how and where to remove them.

Secret third-party cookie management:

In incognito mode, where users go for more private viewing, Chrome does not save browsing history, browser forms, or information entered in cookies. By clicking the eye icon in the address bar, the user may allow the use of third-party cookies for some sites. The feature will be rolled out gradually, starting with the operating system for desktop and Android.

New icon for all extensions:

A new puzzle icon for the extension will appear on the toolbar. With this add-on, the user will also be able to pin their favorite extension to the toolbar.

Enhanced Security with Advanced Safe Browsing Security and Secure DNS:

1. The company has expanded Safe Browsing, which will provide active and personal protection against phishing, malware and other web threats. When you enable advanced Safe Browsing, Chrome will send information about Google-browsing to check whether the pages and downloads are dangerous.

If the user logs into Chrome, the web browser and other Google applications used by it (Gmail, Drive, etc.) will protect you from Internet threats and attacks on your Google user account. During 2021, the company plans to add even more security features to this mode, including personal warnings about phishing sites and file downloads, as well as alerts about various products.

2. The new Secure DNS feature will increase security and privacy when browsing the web. When a user visits a website, their browser will first determine which server they are hosting on what is known as a “DNS lookup (domain name system)”. Chrome’s secure DNS feature uses the DNS-over-HTTPS protocol to encrypt this step, which helps prevent attackers from tracking which sites a user is visiting or redirecting them to phishing sites is.

It has been reported that new updates and features appearing in Chrome will become available for desktop versions of web browsers in the coming weeks.

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