Google will give money to victims of Kovid-19


So far, more than $ 2.45 million has been raised from the planned amount.

Google will give $ 1000 to victims of the epidemic: who will get the money

Google Charity Fund, together with GiveDirectly, has started raising money to help five thousand families living in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA. This is an area which suffers huge economic losses from the coronovirus epidemic.

The collaboration aims to raise $ 5 million, so that each family receives $ 1000. The fund has already invested $ 1 million, the same amount being allocated by the head of the alphabet Sundar Pichai. As of Monday, more than $ 2.45 million had been raised from the planned amount.

The fund donated 136 program participants. Directly targeted assistance is given to the poor in particular: people receive money collected directly from the fund.

Last month, after the cancellation of two major events that typically attracted thousands of visitors and spurred the growth of local businesses, the company said it would donate $ 1 million to local Mountain View organizations.

The fund is also being set up against the backdrop of the company’s rapid expansion in the San Francisco Bay area, including plans to build the second largest campus in San Jose to accommodate 25,000 employees.

In the process, constituents were afraid that its growth would contribute to further displacement of the population in the region, which is the most expensive in the country. Since then, the company has increased its contribution to the San Francisco Bay Area, with housing allocations totaling $ 1 billion.

GiveDirectly was established in 2009. Its founders and partners are Google Charity Fund, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Private Good Ventures Foundation and others. During the foundation’s existence, 130,000 families have been assisted, and $ 140 million has been transferred to them. In 2012, the Google Fund provided a grant of $ 2.4 million to aid poor families in West Africa.

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Recall that the Ministry of Health of Ukraine has agreed to cooperate with Google. The service goes into negotiations within the framework of information aid aimed at preventing the spread of coronovirus infection in Ukraine.

The ministry said that they also received a grant in the amount of $ 500 thousand, which would go into a search operation as part of the priority of official sources of information.

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