Google will help Ukrainian with distance education


The company launched the Ukrainian-language version of Google for education and provided free access to the premium features of video conferencing applications

Only in USA and Japan

Google will help Ukrainian teachers with distance learning. Photo:

Google introduced the Ukrainian version of the resource to help teachers and students in distance education for the duration of quarantine events.

On site Swing at home Teachers can find information, tips, training, and tools for education resources from Google, which helps teachers teach remotely. It is noted that the site will be further updated keeping in mind the feedback and wishes of the teachers.

Therefore, to start distance education, teachers can take these tips:

  1. How to teach online
  2. How to teach remotely without video conferencing
  3. How to make lessons accessible to all students
  4. How to attract students for active work in distance education
  5. How to collaborate with other teachers.

It has also been reported that the company created new distance education resources last week, specifically a collection of training materials, a list of useful applications and new education services Learn @ homeDesigned for families.

Also, according to Google’s press service, now premium features See hangout It will be free for schools until July 1, 2020. It includes the ability for 250 participants to communicate simultaneously, teach lessons and broadcast live.

Recall that last week Google shared 8 tips on how to make products from home.

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We previously wrote that Google Play Movies will start a free screening of films. In the near future, the service will be able to offer viewers free movies with advertising inserts.

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