Google will prohibit the promotion of many goods and services


The new rules will be applicable from next month

Google will prohibit the promotion of a range of products and services. Photo:

US tech giant Google will ban adware for spyware and surveillance technology. The new rules will come into force on August 11, 2020 and take effect in all countries of the world, Google Advertising Policy Center reports.

The company has published an incomplete list of goods and services whose advertisement will be prohibited:

  1. Spyware and technology to keep track of a loved one (spyware for listening to phone calls, viewing SMS messages or browsing history);
  2. GPS trackers designed to track or monitor a person without their consent;
  3. Advertising surveillance equipment specifically designed for espionage (such as cameras, voice recorders, video recorders, baby monitors).

The new rules do not apply to the services of private detective agencies, as well as goods and services by which parents can locate the whereabouts of minor children.

In case of a breach, the company will send an alert at least seven days before the account is blocked.

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Earlier, we wrote that Facebook and Instagram will allow you to disable political advertising. Facebook announced the feature in November this year as part of a campaign to increase the number of voters in the US election. The social network is starting a new “Polling Information Center”, which will tell you how and where to vote, how to register to vote and how to do it by mail. Users will also be able to trigger alerts that will remind them to vote and give them addresses of polling stations.

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