Gorbatyuk says there was no reason to suspect Chornovol of intentional murder



Gorbatyuk says there was no reason to suspect Chornovol of intentional murder

Former GPU special investigations department chief Sergey Gorbatyuk said the production, in which former people’s deputy Tatyana Chernovol had raised suspicions, had previously been separated from the general “Maydanovsky” case and transferred to another department, not the GBR division investigating the Maidan. .

He said so in a comment to Ukrinform.

“The suspicions are unfounded, based on the elements of the investigation that have been collected. There was no reason to inform him (suspicion – ed.) Of the intentional murder. This is done, I think, under the leadership of the GDB leaders, because they separated him from the Maydanovsky general affair and transferred him to another department, to the unit that investigated and continues to investigate in the Maydan case. This is illegal, first, because the Code of Criminal Procedure must provide for grounds for separation, and the other is that not all of the prosecutors who were in our former unit can afford to sign obviously illegal procedural documents. “said Gorbatyuk.

He also expressed the view that “the prosecution cannot do without leadership, because such decisions, particularly in high-profile, practice-based cases, are made in agreement with the leadership of the attorney general’s office.”

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Regarding the death of an employee of the Party of Regions office, Vladimir Zakharov (in the context of this case, the State Security Bureau carried out research in Chernovol and then raised his suspicions – editor’s note). “.

“And again, we found that there was no obstacle to get out of the place after the fire. All the employees left this room, and this man had to recover the hard drives from the video surveillance cameras. In other words, after he was poisoned by this gas and died. Therefore, there is no reason to speak of intentional murder to anyone. But, in my opinion, there are no signs here either because of the neglect of the murder, “said Gorbatyuk.

The National Bureau of Investigation reportedly reported to Chernovol suspicions of intentional murder following an arson attack on the party office of the Party of Regions in 2014.

The popular deputy of the 8th convocation Tatyana Chernovol reported on the social network on the morning of April 10 that a search was underway in her house.

She also posted a screenshot of the search order, which covers the events of February 2014.

Chernovol – People’s deputy of Ukraine of the summons VIII, journalist and Ukrainian public figure, ex-correspondent of the information and analysis publications “Left bank”, “Ukrainian truth”, “Observer”.

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