Gordon causes bloodshed: reporter responded to serious insult


Dmitry Gordon



Former partner of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich Elena Bondarenko accused famous Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon in the face of incitement to hatred.

Dmitry Gordon
Dmitry Gordon. Photo –

It is reported by “Dialogue“, Reports” MFN “.

In an interview on Channel 112, a dispute arose between Gordon and his guest Bondarenko. During the dialogue, we talked about the relations between the citizens of the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Bondarenko expressed the opinion that Russian citizens are extremely loyal to Ukrainians and to Ukraine, while in Ukraine she sees a total incitement to hatred. She accused Gordon of being one of the main instigators of national hostility.

“Well, I’m for friendly relations with Russia,” replied Gordon. He further pointed out that his guest misunderstands his position. However, before friendship becomes possible, there must be repentance for many years of aggression.

Recall that, as previously indicated, Ukraine was in favor of sanctions against Belarus: the EU is ready to support the pressures.

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