Gordon gave a clear answer to the Russians regarding the water supply of the occupied Crimea: (Video)



The famous Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon gave a clear answer on the water supply of the occupied Crimea.

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Journalist Dmitry Gordon.
Gordon stated that the water supply to the occupied territories is the concern of the occupiers. Photo:

Responding to the question from television presenter Vasily Golovanov on whether Ukraine should resume water supply to the Dnieper in Crimea, Dmitry Gordon unequivocally answered no.

“He who has occupied, he pays, brings water, etc. If you, Russia, have occupied our territory, serve. Do you want Ukraine to serve it? It will not be like that. “ replied Gordon sharply.

The journalist recalled the statement by Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Reznikov, who also spoke out categorically against helping the Russians by supplying water to the annexed Crimea.

Gordon has shown him respect as an exceptional lawyer and patriot of Ukraine.

Recording of an interview with Dmitry Gordon.

Earlier, it was reported that Gordon had declared that he could force Russia to return the Donbass and the Crimea.



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