Gordon revealed the truth about the Girkin interview: a serious statement by a reporter (video)



Journalist Dmitry Gordon took a rather risky step for a reason. When he interviewed Poklonskaya, as well as Girkin, his actions were coordinated with the SBU. All the relevant documents, he said, have already been transferred to The Hague.

Dmitry Gordon
Dmitry Gordon. Photo –

This information was reported by myself. Dmitry Gordon in his publication, reports “MFN”.

“To date, the entire video has been sent to The Hague. Ukraine will need this if the process of annexing Crimea is to take place at an objective level. The same goes for Donbass. “The first deputy attorney general of Ukraine, Gunduz Mammadov, who just published on behalf of the attorney general’s office, thanks me for helping the state in these high-profile cases,” he said at the outset.

After that, Gordon turned to those who saw him as a pro-Russian traitor, triggering the persecution. First of all, he put these people to shame. For those who came from his office, he turned differently.

“You have time until the next morning. Erase and fix everything. I can understand that you were in the dark. However, after this statement, I am sure you will change your mind about me. However, you had no moral right to behave this way. Your faces have been documented. You have time until 9 am, ”he said at the end.

Remember that you still have to die – Khodakovsky said how deplorable the situation in Donbas was.



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