Gorlovka “mayor” intends to lock up opponents of “DPR” in psychiatric clinics: scandalous statement by terrorists



The self-proclaimed “mayor” of Horlivka, Ivan Prikhodko, made an absurd statement. He supported the initiative to forcibly close opponents of “DPR” in psychiatric clinics.

Ivan Prikhodko
Ivan Prikhodko. Photo –

This was reported by a number of separatist media, reports “MFN”.

He said that for those who disagree with the ideology of “DPR” in Gorlovka, there is a “wonderful psychiatric clinic”.

“There is no punitive means against those who do not agree with our ideas in the DPR. But they can still be locked up in a psychiatric clinic, ”said Prikhodko.

Prikhodko is certain that there is still no time for democracy at ORDO, as hostilities continue.

“It’s not just an information war, there are real military operations, and an information war is only part of the big picture. The prank of bloggers is a common phenomenon, it must be combated. People try to profit from fiction, then others take it and find those who believe, and it is a blow to power. The fifth column is to be destroyed for the good of the state, ”said Prikhodko.

Recall that, as noted earlier, Zelensky knew what he was doing – Usyk announced the President’s big problems.

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