Goslesagentstvo is working on a new fire fighting system



Goslesagentstvo is working on a new fire fighting system

The issue of fire protection of forests is one of the most important of all the tasks that are solved by the forest companies of the National Forest Agency.

This was stated by the president of the State Agency of Forest Resources of Ukraine Andriy Zablotsky, reports the government portal.

“I am sure there is a need to develop and approve a new comprehensive forest fire prevention system. Such measures must be observed by absolutely all forest users – starting with state enterprises and ending with municipal and military leshozes, the nature reserve fund and private forest users. We are already actively working on it, ”said Zablotsky.

According to him, a departmental fire service has been created and operates in the forestry sector, the base of which is the forest fire stations.

“Protection against forest fires is provided by 307 state-owned forestry and hunting companies, which include more than 1.7 thousand forests and 273 forest fire stations. The number of departmental firefighters is over 13 thousand people. A network of 502 fire observation towers has been created in the forests, 337 of which are equipped with modern television surveillance systems, ”said the head of the agency.

According to him, state forest enterprises have 644 fire trucks, 467 forest fire trucks on an all-wheel drive chassis, 1.7 thousand tractors with tillage equipment, 1.1 thousand motor pumps, 8.9 thousand sprayers backpackers and other technical equipment. Almost 80% of firefighting equipment is between 30 and 40 years old and needs to be updated.

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“In order to quickly identify and monitor fires in forest stands, unmanned aerial vehicles are widely used. To date, these quadrocopters have already been purchased at their own expense – 42 units, ”added Zablotsky.

In addition, the head of Goslesagentstvo said that during the first quarter of 2020, public companies belonging to the Goslesagentstvo management area organized: taking 11.8 thousand kilometers of new mineralized bands for an amount of 27.7 thousand kilometers; 2.3 km of new firebreaks, barriers, additional barriers; 10,000 unforeseen forest roads have been blocked. In forests along public roads and in recreational areas, 8.1 thousand full houses, billboards, fire signs and posters were installed.

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