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Ministry data continues to digitize public services

Diya is expanding: A new service for FOP has appeared on the state portal. Photo:

The Ministry of Digital Transformation has added new online services to the Dia State Portal. Now Ukrainians will be able to open and close online FOPs, as well as change data within 10 minutes.

In addition, after registering a citizen in the cabinet, Ukrainians will be able to check available information about themselves from five state registries.

Register fop online

To use the service, you must log into the system using an electronic signature (EDS), bankID or mobileID. After that, fill in the form and generate an online application, which will be automatically redirected to the registrar at the place of registration.

In addition, the status of the application can be checked at the citizen’s office. Notice of registration or denial will be received by email. As soon as the FOP’s registration record appears in the Unified State Register, it will be possible to obtain an extract from the register in the electronic office, print it and use it like any other document.

For each service, answers to the most frequently asked questions are listed along with instructions. For example, if you are registering a private entrepreneurship fund, “Mercy” will be offered to help you register an income book, choose the type of taxation using a test, etc. On the portal you can also find out which government agencies work during quarantine.

According to the Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation on European integration Valeria Ionan, It takes 10 minutes to file an application for the opening of the FOP, registration – 2 business days. Submission of an application to close the FOP – 2 minutes, registration – within one day. Changing FOP – 10 minutes, registration – 1 business day.

Services for FOP from “Dia”. Source:

Civil office

Documents to be reflected in the mobile application are available in the citizen’s cabinet: vehicle registration certificate and driver’s license. Later, an ID card and a biometric passport will also be available.

The civilian cabinet will provide access to personal information in state registries. Five registries are now linked:

  1. Unified State Register of Legal Institutions, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Organizations
  2. State Register of Real Estate Rights
  3. Unified State Register of Ministry of Internal Affairs with information about registered vehicles and their owners
  4. State land cadastre
  5. State register of encroachment of movable property

Other Services “Dia”

Ukrainians can find 27 public services online through the Dia State Portal, including:

  • Open FOP, Change Business Type or Stop it
  • Issuing monthly criminal reimbursement of a criminal record, birth aid and child care for children under three years of age
  • To massage
  • Register a car and get services related to driver documents
  • To issue multiple licenses, permissions and extract extracts from registers

Services of Diya State Portal. Source:

All these functions are only available in the desktop version of “Diy”, so far you can only add rights and data sheets to the mobile application. Now using the driver’s license in the Dia application, you can get the package in Ukroppsta. It was previously reported that the application should pay the fine.

Paypal magazine help

On 28 February, in a test mode, the Ministry of Digital Transformation launched the online Dia.Business platform for entrepreneurs. Diya.Biznes is a website for SMEs, operating in two directions: as an online consulting service and an information platform.

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