Gosstat: population census on electronic registers is too ambitious



Gosstat: population census on electronic registers is too ambitious

Gosstat: population census on electronic registers is too ambitious

06.06.2020 19:16


The National Statistical Service of Ukraine is preparing for the possibility of carrying out a census on the basis of existing electronic registers, but is today too ambitious for the quality of the registers and the technical aspects of this question.

It was during a meeting with journalists said the head of the National Statistics Service of Ukraine Igor Werner, the correspondent of Ukrinform.

“There are many options for carrying out censuses. In particular, a census on the registers. But today, it is a little too ambitious. There are a lot of problems (with the registers – editor’s note)”, a- he explained.

According to the president of the National Statistics Service, the service headed by him has questions about the completeness of the registers and their integration between them.

“These data have a different quality, sometimes they are fragmented. The indicators in the different registers are not always consistent,” he said.

At the same time, he said, the state is preparing for a future census using state information resources.

“A special unit has been created to prepare the census on the registers,” said Werner.

According to him, in any event, the decision on the census methodology does not fall within the competence of the National Statistics Committee.

“There is a law on the pan-Ukrainian census. The decision is taken by the government, in particular, on the procedure. Today, the main thing is that there is a political will to carry out the census without loss of quality”, said Werner.

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As indicated, Ukraine is the only European country not to have carried out a population census in 2010-2011.

At the end of 2019, an electronic population census was carried out in Ukraine, according to which, on December 1, 2019, the population of Ukraine was 37.29 million inhabitants. Distribution by sex: 20.01 million women, 17.28 million men.

At the same time, the methodology of this census has often been criticized by experts.

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