Government agreed to allocate funds for payments to doctors up to 300%



Government agreed to allocate funds for payments to doctors up to 300%

The Cabinet of Ministers has adopted a decree that defines the rules and conditions under which medical workers involved in the fight against COVID-19 will receive higher wages, and health facilities will receive payment for services through the Service national health.

The decision was made at a special government meeting on April 24, reports the government portal.

“With this decree, we determined the procedure for additional payments to employees of health establishments up to 300% of the salary, as well as the procedure for providing patients with medicines and medical devices,” commented the Minister of Health Maxim Stepanov.

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According to him, the acquisition of services is planned taking into account the facility’s capacity to provide patients with high-quality medical care in the following packages: hospital care for patients with COVID-19; emergency medical care for patients with suspected and established COVID-19 disease; medical care provided by mobile medical teams designed to respond to COVID-19 coronavirus disease; COVID-19 inpatient care, which was provided by some healthcare facilities in April 2020.

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