Government changed public service tendering rules



Government changed public service tendering rules

Tenders for public service posts during the quarantine period will be the subject of a separate order.

The decision was made by the government at a meeting on April 22, Cabinet Minister Oleg Nemchinov said on a Facebook page.

The “Ukrainian law” amending the Ukrainian law “on the Ukrainian state budget for 2020” suspended the Ukrainian law “on the civil service” as regards the organization of competitions for posts in the civil service and appointments to public service positions based on the results of the competition. That is why, at a regular meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the government approved a special procedure for the appointment to public service for the quarantine period, “said Nemchinov.

According to him, according to the procedure adopted, the subjects of appointment can use, first of all, the right to appoint to vacant posts people among those proposed by the Commission of the high public service (for the posts of category A) and the competition commissions (category B and C positions) based on the results of incomplete competitions at the start of quarantine.

In addition, it is possible to appoint persons to the post of public service by concluding a public service contract for the quarantine period and until the day of the appointment of a person to this post according to the results of the competition after the cancellation of quarantine. “That is to say, in this case, the person is only appointed to the post for a certain period, at the end of which a standard competition to occupy the post of civil servant must be organized. And such The contest should be announced within 2 months of the quarantine being canceled, “said Nemchinov. .

He added that the selection of people according to this procedure will be made on the basis of the results of interviews with candidates who express a desire and will meet the general requirements of candidates for public service posts. Information on selection in this way will be made public on the Unified Public Service Job Portal.

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At the same time, this procedure does not apply to contest winners who, for certain reasons (special verification, etc.), were not appointed to the respective positions at the time of entry into force of this decision. In this case, the appointment is made on a general basis in accordance with the Ukrainian Civil Service Law, said the official.

As noted, the Council of Ministers, at a meeting on April 22, extended restrictive measures related to the coronavirus pandemic until at least May 11.

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