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Already in Ukraine this year, smartphones, tablets, laptops, televisions, audio systems, hard drives, printers, and even office papers may come up in price.

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Already in Ukraine this year smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, audio systems, hard drives, printers and even office paper can go up to 5%. The fact that after adoption Law On the management of property rights of copyright holders and the decisions of the Ministry of Economy, a fee for private copying will start working.

The collection is explained by the fact that every smartphone or TV owner downloads music, movies, e-books to the device and consumes them for free. Content writers suffer from it. To provide fee holders with a fee, equipment importers will have to include a fee for personal duplication in the price of the goods and pay it to collective management organizations (CMOs), and it will pay the fee to the authors.

In April of this year, negotiations began between importers and CMOs on the amount of collection for each type of equipment, but no results yet.

Importers are represented by the European Trade Union, which considers the proposed tariffs to be remnants of the past and economically unfair. They will not only lead to an increase in the cost of legal equipment and content carriers, but also to another distortion of competition in the industry, they are confident in the association.

The CMO is represented by the Ukrainian Musical Alliance (UMA) and the All-Ukrainian Copyright Agency. He argues that in terms of private copying, a cut system exists in most countries of the world.

The percentage of the deduction that UMA provides. Source: European Trade Union

Charges for personal copying were introduced in Ukraine in 2003 in the era of analog devices. Consumers then copied audio and video cassettes, handed over the copy to their friends and the author experienced content damage. Therefore, CMOs were created that produced tools for cutting as well as copying from audio and video cassettes. The CMO was then to distribute these funds among the authors.

Over the years, technology has changed, but the collection remains. In May 2018, Parliament passed a law on property rights management. The document suggests paying a percentage for the potential for a copy. The law proposes smartphones, televisions, copy machines, even office paper, as it can be used to copy a book.

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The Ukrainian court first implemented the “anti-Kolomian” law, which was signed on 21 May. On 12 June, the Commercial Court of Kiev upheld the statements of PrivantBank on the closure of proceedings in two cases in the claims of former shareholders of the bank for invalidating contracts for the sale of shares of a financial institution.

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