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Government introduces assistance

The government is introducing aid against “temporary” unemployment and will compensate the wages of companies that will not lay off quarantined workers.

This was stated by the Ukrainian Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture, Igor Petrashko, on the program “Savik Shuster Freedom of Expression”, reports a correspondent for Ukrinform .

“We will now increase unemployment benefits, have already increased the minimum. Help for “temporary” unemployment – if people do not work full-time in businesses, we will compensate them for payments to people at home and who will return to work after quarantine is over. That is, we say – do not fire people, we will pay you the minimum wage for people who are not fully employed, who will come back, “said Petrashko.

He noted that the main task is to preserve the jobs that are. Therefore, most programs aim to ensure that companies can receive funds so as not to lay off

“For this, there is a program for industrial companies. It has never been actively used and will now be actively used. We plan to extend this program to small and medium-sized businesses so that a business that does not wish to fire people, who understands that they are not busy, but that they have to pay a salary, can turn to the job center and receive payments for these people, which the company will later send to the cards, “said the minister.

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According to him, the temporary unemployment benefit will help to solve many problems, but at the same time it will be limited by the minimum wage because “unfortunately, we have a limited GDP and budget”.

“Our programs have this goal – to save jobs now. And, first of all, influence so as not to create too many jobs later if we can keep the ones that already exist, “said Petrashko.

As Ukrinform reported, the government will soon expect a significant increase in the number of unemployed.

During the quarantine, more than 40,000 new unemployed people registered with the National Employment Service. In general, on April 7, 2020, the number of unemployed registered with the National Employment Service amounted to 364 thousand people, or 41 thousand people, or 13% more than on the same date last year.

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