Government To Deal With Doctors Working With Coronary Patients – Shmygal



Government To Deal With Doctors Working With Coronary Patients - Shmygal

Government To Deal With Doctors Working With Coronary Patients – Shmygal

05/28/2020 23:16


The Cabinet of Ministers systematically resolves the problem of the safety of doctors working with patients on the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Prime Minister Denis Shmygal said this during a briefing on a trip to the white church, the government portal reports.

He said the government will give relevant instructions to improve the situation with technical support from emergency medical posts

According to him, despite the funds allocated, the situation in emergency medical posts remains quite complicated.

“There was a signal from the staff of the Belotserkovskaya emergency station, we left with the Minister of Health. And there is a typical situation where the state allocates funds, the NSHI signs supply agreements 100% funds, and in fact, we see that there are no repairs, old cars, no drugs, there are problems with personal protective equipment, and it all comes down to the human factor, ” said Shmygal.

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He stressed that on the basis of the results of a working trip to the Kiev region, conclusions will be drawn and appropriate instructions will be given regarding the emergency post at Bila Tserkva and a systematic solution to this problem.

“In my opinion, a similar situation exists in many health establishments, and doctors are today at the forefront of the coronavirus epidemic. The problem lies in the average level of management of the State, which arises questions, “said the Prime Minister.

Government To Deal With Doctors Working With Coronary Patients - Shmygal

He explained that each medical facility is a municipal, not-for-profit facility, so the manager of that facility is responsible for its activities.

“The state allocates funds, from April 1, the system is already working under agreements concluded with the NHA, according to this system, each institution receives funds to work with coronary patients, then the chief already takes a decision and distributes the funds earned by the institution among the doctors. and payment to everyone who has worked with coronary patients, “said Shmygal.

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Responding to a question regarding the supply of medical equipment with personal protective equipment, the head of government said that he had instructed Tomorrow, the head of the Kiev regional state administration, Vasily Volodin, will do an inventory in the warehouses of the Bila Tserkva emergency medical station tomorrow and see how many coveralls are real and understand why, despite the fact that the state assigns coveralls to the region, the doctors are not fully supplied with them.

As reported by Ukrinform, as of May 28, 22,382 cases of COVID-19 had been laboratory confirmed in Ukraine. For one day – 477 new cases. A total of 8,439 people have recovered in Ukraine, 669 fatal cases.

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