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As noted by the Cabinet of Ministers, due to the introduction of quarantine, people have become more numerous in homes and, as a result, use public services more. In this regard, grant recipients will increase payments for municipal services.

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The government promises that payments for municipal services will increase 1.5 times. This money will be used to cover payments for water, electricity and gas.

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According to Prime Minister Denis Shmygal, today in Ukraine, around 3 million Ukrainian families use subsidies for public services, which represents 20% of the total number of households:

“The average subsidy will increase from about 300 to 400 hryvnia. We will pay extra for March and April. The additional payments will affect the beneficiaries: they will also be increased by 50% of the amount of the aid. “

Assistance will also be provided to those who became unemployed during the pandemic. To do this, all you need to do is officially register with the Employment Center, then the grant will be awarded according to simplified rules.

The increase in the amount of subsidies will remain valid until the country is quarantined. As of its cancellation, the amount of the subsidies will be the same.

We also add that the amount of payments will only increase by 5 public services, namely: hot and cold water, sanitation, gas and electricity.

As for heating, the maintenance of houses and neighboring territories, the removal of garbage and other services, for them the amount of subsidies will remain the same.

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On average, the amount of the subsidy is expected to increase by about 400 hryvnia. According to the expert, such supplements will be granted to families, especially large families. As for single retirees, their increases will not exceed 150 hryvnias.

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