Group 1 Baby Car Seat: A Complete Selection Guide


Everything you need to know about car seats suitable for 9-month-old passengers

According to statistics from the patrol police of Ukraine, there were 4656 accidents with children in 2019. 164 children were killed in an accident, and more than 4400 were injured. All cars being reliable will suffer fewer accidents and baby car seatAccording to age. A special assistant for the transportation of infants not only eliminates the need to pay fines, but also saves lives.

Why is it so important to buy a quality chair in the car?

Children are more vulnerable than adults. They have different body proportions, and bones and muscles are not so strong. For example, head size in four-year-old children reaches 75–90% of the head size of an adult. However, development makes it impossible to use regular three-point belts – they are not correctly positioned on a small body.

Children’s car seats are built to support the weakest places in each phase of development. All restraint systems perform three main functions during an accident, emergency braking and rapid maneuvers:

  • Keep the child away from the car’s design;
  • Reduced speed in a controlled manner;
  • Distribute the force of impact on the strongest parts of the body to minimize damage to soft tissues.

The most stringent transport safety standards for children within the European Union have been set in Sweden. Across Europe, several standards work together: ECE R44 / 04, ECE R129, R129 (i-Size).

Location backward or forward?

Surveys conducted in various countries indicate that more than 40% of parents do not know that the situation is the safest against driving. Formally, a nine-kilogram baby can be applied in the direction of travel, but experts recommend doing it as late as possible and considering age, not weight.

Frontal collisions often result in accidents. If the child faces its parents, by inertia it moves rapidly, hits and is thrown back. Crash tests showed that at this time the neck becomes more than 5 cm long, while the brain tissue is broken when it spreads slightly over 5 mm. At the same time, a force equal to about one ton works on the chest. Heart, spleen, is at stake.

If the passenger faces the rear window, it is pressed into the back even after a frontal collision. The load is distributed behind the head, neck, back. Infants and two-year-olds have a five-fold reduced risk of death or serious injury. This is confirmed by a large-scale study of Americans, data analysis over the past decade.

Which car seat is better: 0/1, 0/1/2 or 1/2/3?

Universal tools are beneficial for the three age groups, but if they were so effective, others would not be produced. There is a downside to savings – an installation may not be ideally suited for a newborn and a teenager. Producers are forced to make some sacrifices. Deficiencies are often identified beforehand in the process of operation, and only reviews help to find out about them.

Types of car seats for group 1:

  • 0/1 – from birth to 3-4 years, maximum weight 18 kg. Transformers are made of breathable materials, equipped with a reversing mechanism, adjustable headrests.
  • 0/1/2 – From birth to 6-7 years, weight up to 25 kg is permissible. It has many conditions – from seating to seating. Upholstery is often made of the most natural material that absorbs moisture.
  • 1/2/3 – 9 months to 12 years, weight in the range of 9–36 kg. The main advantage of the products is the long duration of use. In the final stages of change, some of them turn into boosters.

All models are fastened with a regular belt or using the Isofix system. Sometimes both methods of determination are present in an instrument.

Experts recommend buying two child car seats 0/1 and 2/3 to guarantee high safety. If you have chosen a model with a large range for development, then you should not save, because it saves you from big expenses in future.

Best car seats for children 2020

  • Sybex Eton Mi-Size (0/1) LSP with Lateral Protection. System, voluminous headrest, anatomical insert under the back, folding sun visor.
  • The BRITAX ROMER KING II (1) is known for high praise for crash tests, easy installation, and deep pavement.
  • Peg-Perego Primo Viaggio (0/1/2) – A fashionable and pediatrician-approved seat with side protection, an efficient steel back panel, a shock-absorbing foam element to absorb shock.
  • Chicco NextFit ZIP (0/1/2) replicates body shape, allows you to take long trips comfortably, has nine tilt levels, a slot for a bottle or a glass in the armrest.
  • The Maxi Cosi Titan Basic is equipped with special inserts in the lateral and lumbar region to increase 1/2/3 impact resistance, adjustable in height and width, and has a belt tension control mechanism.

Car designer renovates baby car seat

Frank Stevenson designed the first BMW crossover, developed supercar, and stepped down as chief designer at McLaren in 2016 to create his own company. Together with an Israeli defense contractor, he studied infants’ vulnerability in vehicles and made them 57% safer for the baby – 57% safer for the neck and 65% safer for the head than current models.

For his invention, Frank created “Biomimicry” (a science imitating nature), a patented shock-absorbing technique, and a Fibonacci spiral that made the design egg-like. The prototype received excellent test reviews in an independent laboratory at TASS International. The finished product. Should appear on sale in about 18 months.

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