Gryzlov threatened Ukraine after failed TCG negotiations with new Ordlo officials: media



The representative of the Russian Federation to the TKG Boris Gryzlov again showed a nervous reaction after the appearance in the group of new representatives of the occupied Donbass in the person of the journalists Kazan and Garmash.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Boris Gryzlov.
Gryzlov again accused Ukraine of disrupting the TKG negotiations. Photo:

Gryzlov has indignantly declared his request to Kiev to negotiate directly with representatives of L / DPR activists.

A press release from a Russian politician was published by a number of Russian media.

The representative of Moscow stressed that the political part of the Minsk agreements should be agreed with the leaders of the “republics” of Ordlo, who, by the way, have long been citizens and citizens of Russia. So who are they? The question is rhetorical.

Gryzlov threatened to “freeze” the Minsk format.

“This position actually means Ukraine’s withdrawal from the Minsk process”, He stated.

According to experts, on the contrary, this position of Russia confirms once again the Kremlin’s desire to prove that the war in Donbass is an internal conflict in Ukraine.

And this desire is understandable, the Kremlin made several attempts to eliminate the stain of the aggressor, in order to convince the West to lift the sanctions.

Earlier, it was reported that astrologer Vlad Ross explained how Zelensky could cancel Putin’s plans for the Donbass.



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