Hackers are actively attacking government agencies: Ukrainians were asked to help


The state’s special communications contacted Ukrainians with a request to inform the CERT-UA team about the cyber attacks

Hackers are actively attacking government agencies: Ukrainians were asked to help

The State Special Communications Service reported several DDoS attacks on Ukraine’s state bodies, mainly on the President’s Office website. Therefore, only in the period 6–12 May, 10964 suspicious incidents were reported in the state information resources and critical infrastructure cyber defense system.

Most of them are related to non-standard protocols or incidents (45%), network scanning attempts (23%), attempts to identify network Trojan detection (16%), and to obtain administrator rights (10%).

During this period the Government Computer Emergency Response Team of Ukraine CERT-UA registered and processed 3207 cyber incidents.

About 98% of the processed events are from the UACOM domain zone. The main number of incidents is related to cipher selection (94% of the total) and the prevalence of phishing (up to 4%).

The state’s Special Communications contacted Ukrainians with a request to immediately notify the government’s response team CERT-UA in case of any cyber attack or suspicious actions on information and telecommunications systems.

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Recall that more than 700 fake websites that mimic Netflix and Disney + registration pages were created in April of this year to collect personal information. The main target of cyber fraudsters turned out to be Netflix, the most popular streaming service in the world – the company expects an increase of 7 million new subscribers, largely due to global quarantine.

Some fake sites look very convincing and sell subscriptions or give free accounts to force the user to enter their personal data or bank card information in the form.

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