Hackers attack KSCA online services: what will be the consequences


In 20 minutes, the cyber defense system was able to reject nearly 4 billion attack requests.

Hackers attack KSCA online services: what will be the consequences

Several online services of the Kiev City State Administration (KSCA) were subjected to the largest hacker attack ever. During the day, almost 90% of the attack attempts were successfully repulsed by the internal cyber defense system. This was stated by the Director of the Department of Information and Communications Technology of the Kiev City State Administration Yuri Nazarov.

According to him, in the first hour of the attack, around 1.5 million original IP addresses were recorded, attempting to destabilize the work of e-services. In just 20 minutes, it was possible to reverse almost four billion invading requests.

“Thanks to the right settings and flexible multi-tiered security, experts minimized the damage from cyber attacks and were able to unblock traffic to urban e-services. We have already informed the law enforcement agencies about the incident and are doing everything possible to stabilize the situation as soon as possible.

“I can say for sure that in terms of duration and number of attacking bots, no such calls have come to Ukraine yet,” Nazarov said.

The mayor’s office said that despite the fact that cyber security experts continue to neutralize DDoS attacks and do everything in their power for the quality of e-services, access to city sites could be a time constraint . In this regard, city officials are said to be sympathetic to the current situation.

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