Hackers try to steal vaccine data from COVID-19


Russia, Iran and China are trying to steal the development of British scientists with the help of hackers

Hackers are trying to steal vaccine data from COVID-19: who needs it and why

The British National Cyber ​​Space Center (NCSC) said that hostile states are attempting to sabotage research related to Kovid-19 in British universities and educational institutions, including vaccine development. It is believed that cyber criminals work under the patronage of the governments of Russia, China and Iran.

Today, dozens of universities and institutes with biomedical potential are working on new Kovid-19 research, ranging from clinical trials and antibody tests to experimental treatments. However, so far no hacker has attacked universities or research institutes.

James Sullivan, head of the cybernetics research division of the Royal Institute for Integrated Services, said the epidemic is leading to an increase in malicious cybernetic activity by enemy states, particularly in relation to the development of a coronavirus vaccine. Everyone needs a vaccine more, but for dishonest politicians it is a matter of prestige, not of human life.

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Recall, a group of elite hackers tried to break into the World Health Organization’s internal email system. And the total number of cyber attacks in the WHO has recently doubled.

Flavio Agio, the organization’s director of information activity, links the WHO’s intense struggle and escalation of attacks with the entire world against the coronovirus epidemic.

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