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Happy Victory Day!

May 9 – this date always responds with pain and joy in the hearts of millions of people around the world. Victory day, the great victory day, the day that has become a symbol of the end of the most terrible war in the history of mankind – war is not only with an invader, but with the very idea that one people can be better than another.

Today we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory – we are not celebrating at all as we should and we would like: there will be no parades, concerts and festivities in the squares, meetings of veterans, who each year, alas, less and less, the immortal regiment will not march uniting tens of thousands of people … We will stay at home, thinking only at the end of all this and we will be able to resume a normal life. But in the foreground are doctors and medical workers, as well as all those who, for various reasons, cannot sit behind the scenes and go to work every day, risking their lives during a pandemic. And it’s also a war. And everyone can contribute to victory – courage, consistency, confidence in one another, being equal to those who defended peace on this earth in 1945.

Let us recall them, the heroes from the front and from the rear, the combatants whose names are known and the unnamed soldiers who gave their lives for their homeland; the mothers and fathers who gave this homeland the most precious thing – their children. Remember, honor yourself and tell us once again with confidence that the bottom line is that there is no war in the world.

Happy celebration of the great victory!

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