Has HTC received a final coup?


It has long been a sad custom to comment on monthly financial results HTC: What used to be a reference company in the smartphone sector just a year ago, today is facing a crisis that seems frankly irreversible.

Taiwanese manufacturer focused on niche products (since blockchain for VR viewers) but the collapse in furniture sales is clearly affecting future prospects. In the wake of the planetary coronavirus emergency, a coup probably took place, given that the April results are worse for HTC.

Revenues for April 2020 stood at 297 million Taiwan dollars, which corresponds to approximately 9.2 million euros, Just think that the monthly decline is more than 31%, while we even order 50% less than last Aprilwhen de profundis was already read for HTC,

In short, a very small increase in March compared with the previous month (even if -67.07% compared to 2019 curbed enthusiasm) is already a memory. Generally, HTC revenues for the first four months of 2020 amounted to 1,627 million Taiwan dollars, just over 50 million euros, or -53.99% compared to the same period last year.


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