Hasid pilgrims from Ukraine to Israel will be taken by special flight



Hasid pilgrims from Ukraine to Israel will be taken by special flight

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the Hasidim pilgrims who were in Uman and expressed the desire to return to Israel will be expelled by a special flight.

This was announced during a briefing by the president of the regional regional administration of Cherkasia Roman Bodnar, the correspondent of Ukrinform.

“The flight will be organized tomorrow. According to our data, about 150 people have agreed to voluntarily leave the territory of Ukraine,” said the president of the regional state administration.

He added that the lists are still being finalized.

According to Bodnar, there are people with coronavirus among those who want to leave. Their movement will take place in accordance with Ukrainian legislation, the resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the decisions of the commission on the energy and energy and emergency complex.

The head of the Cherkasy region called for no noise around this issue and not to divide people according to their faith and their citizenship.

In Uman, a special entry-exit regime has so far been introduced. Last week, a Hasidan pilgrim died from a coronavirus infection. His wife and six children are isolated, some of them also have COVID-19.

Earlier, the chairman of Uman city council, Oleksandr Tsebriy, said that the issue of the Hasid pilgrimage was discussed during a workshop with representatives of the office of the president of Ukraine, the state ambassador. of Israel Joel Lyon, Chief Rabbi of Ukraine Moshe Reuven Azman and Chief Rabbi of Uman Yakov Jan. Based on its results, a charter flight to Tel Aviv was organized, as well as tests on people suspected of COVID-19. Tests purchased by the pilgrims themselves. Patients with minor manifestations will be sent to Israel and moderate patients will be transported to Kiev.

A joint appeal was also launched to appeal to believers who remain in the city with the obligation to comply with all the decisions, rules and recommendations adopted for the period of the quarantine events.

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As Ukrinform reported, in Uman, a 47-year-old American citizen who arrived in Ukraine as a pilgrim died from COVID-19. On April 3, his family, wife and six children were tested for coronavirus infection. The family arrived from London on March 11, 50 contacts were established on self-isolation.

The deceased had a serious concomitant pathology, despite the doctors’ attempts to provide medical care, he did not authorize the specialists and did not comply with the recommendations.

Uman, where the founder of Bratslav Hasidism, Tzaddik Nachman, is buried is a place of mass pilgrimages for the followers of his teachings. In the fall, to celebrate the Jewish New Year, 20 to 30,000 pilgrims come here.

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