He runs right after ratings – Vladimir Parasyuk on Zelensky’s press conference



The former people’s deputy and militant of the Revolution of the dignity noted that Vladimir Zelensky learned to speak splendidly … But that does not mean at all that he learned to keep his promises.

Vladimir Parasyuk
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About this writes “MFN”, referring to Facebook Vladimir Parasyuk.

The former people’s deputy noted that the most annoying of the event were journalists from Viktor Medvedchuk’s television channels:

“They didn’t speak, but barked. Instead of approving the accreditation of famous journalists, we listened to Russian sh ** x temniks who would sell their conscience for 3 kopecks. “

As for the president himself, everything is simple with him, underlined Parasyuk:

“He can speak beautifully, but he must also do it beautifully. Zelensky knows where the red lines are going, but he will never have a firm and hard national position. No, he’s not a liberal … He stupidly pursues the odds, although he denies them in all respects. And he will never fire Avakov because he believes in his indispensable nature. “

In general, summing up the President’s press conference, Parasyuk noted that during the year Vladimir was able to become Vladimir Alexandrovich:

“The system completely brainwashed him. He learns quickly, it is noticeable … But his teachers are not the same.

But in general, everything was sincere and open. With lots of hot water in the bathroom. ”

Recall that we wrote earlier that Zelensky had held a press conference in honor of the first anniversary of his presidency.



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