He went crazy: Gordon made a statement about the outrageous Russian TV presenter (Video)



In his long interview with TV presenter Vasily Golovanov, Dmitry Gordon, among others, expressed his opinion on Russian TV presenters and propagandists Olga Skabeeva and Vladimir Solovyov.

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Dmitry Gordon.
Gordon clarified the scandalous Kremlin propagandist. Photo:

According to him, Skabeeva knows his job well and even has a certain talent in propaganda for the official policy of the Kremlin. Naturally, it is an ideological enemy for the Ukrainians, who are well aware of the relations that Ukraine has with Russia. But, as the reporter noted, chatting with her is interesting.

Regarding the other Kremlin spokesperson, Vladimir Solovyov, Gordon said he had already been blown away and “Has become a hackneyed record”.

“In addition, he apparently started to drink or smell. He became crazy. “ – he noted.

Therefore, according to the reporter, he is no longer interested in chatting with Solovyov.

Recording of an interview with Dmitry Gordon.

Earlier, it was reported that Gordon had said that he could force Russia to return Crimea and Donbas.



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