He will live forever – Girkin ridiculed Putin because of “skill” in the residence of the President of the Russian Federation



Former L / DPR occupant Igor Girkin (Strelkov) deftly mocked the President of the Russian Federation because of the disinfection tunnel in his residence. The ex-activist compared the Russian president with Michael Jackson, who, according to Girkin, envies Putin today.

Igor Girkin
Igor Girkin. Photo – Ukraininanwall.com

Girkin reported this information on his Vkontakte page, reports “MFN”.

“Here, it’s worth nothing to comment … It’s a full tunnel … Then only a sealed sarcophagus will go, in which there will be a self-sustaining life function. Oh, sorry Michael Jackson does was not up to this era. Vladimir Putin would be the object of his desire. A star would certainly want a Russian passport. Putin – he will live forever. Jackson would also live forever … “, – wrote Girkin.

Social media users have assessed the irony of the former separatist. They wrote that these tunnels are now found in many serious institutions of Russia. However, according to commentators, he believes that such measures are a failure.

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