“Head of LPR unions” travels to serve in the Russian Federation: a source said what job has been offered to the “official” in Moscow



The news source “Lugansk insider” reports that “LPR People’s Council deputy” Oleg Akimov, who also heads the “Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic”, has found a new job. According to the resource, Akimov moves to Moscow, where he awaits the post of assistant to one of the Russian deputies.

Oleg Akimov
“President of the Federation of LPR Trade Unions” Oleg Akimov. Stock Photo –

This was reported by the portal DonPress, referring to the information resource “Lugansk insider”, reports the NPF.

A source of information from Lugansk ORDLO’s insider, citing sources, writes that the “head of the union federation” of the “LPR”, “deputy of the people’s council” Oleg Akimov has received the post of deputy deputy in Moscow. In addition, the resource does not name the Russian MP.

According to the author of the article, Akimov has already found a replacement. The author of the publication writes that the “deputy” of “Mir Lugansk” Igor Ryabushkin will take the post of “head of the unions of the republic” instead of Akimov.

Earlier, we reported that the information resources of the “DPR” mentioned a “republican file”.



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