Health facilities to receive $ 15.8 billion to fight coronavirus – Ministry of Health



Health facilities to receive $ 15.8 billion to fight coronavirus - Ministry of Health

In accordance with the evolution of the state budget, health establishments will receive 15.8 billion hryvnia for the fight against coronaviruses.

Health Minister Maxim Stepanov said this at an information meeting on April 18, reports a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“According to changes in the state budget voted by the Verkhovna Rada, an appropriate fund to fight coronavirus disease has been created. From these funds, it is estimated that 15.8 billion hryvnia will go directly to health facilities , our medical institutions to fight coronavirus disease, “he said.

Stepanov noted that the lion’s share of these funds will be specifically aimed at increasing the salaries of medical workers working directly with patients infected with a coronavirus and providing drugs for the corresponding effective process of treating patients.

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“The whole of this mechanism will go through the appropriate conclusion of agreements with hospitals through the National Health Service of Ukraine, where all these measures will be provided. In other words, the funds will go directly to the hospital, where the chief medical officer will spend them accordingly to fight coronavirus infection, “said the minister.

As reported, as of April 18, 5106 cases of COVID-19 had been laboratory confirmed in Ukraine, including 133 fatalities, 275 people recovered. During the past day, 444 notifications of new confirmed cases were received.

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