Health Ministry called for working conditions in offices after quarantine


The Ministry of Health is 100% sure that all new recommendations reduce the risk of coronovirus infection in the office

The Ministry of Health called for working conditions in offices after quarantine. Photo: aud

Health Minister Maxim Stepanov voiced the rules developed by the Ministry of Health to work in office during the coronovirus epidemic. Employees who are returning to normal office work must follow strict epidemiological requirements to prevent a new outbreak of COVID-19.

According to Stepanov, following the instructions will help people to protect not only themselves but also their loved ones. This is particularly about the following principles of work in the office:

  • Entry to office premises is permitted after temperature check;
  • A person shall not be allowed to enter the office premises if the temperature exceeds 37.2;
  • Compulsory treatment of hands with antiseptics;
  • The office premises should be exclusively under a mask or respirator;
  • It is also important to maintain social distance during communication and living in office space.

At the same time, Stepanov stated that the Ministry of Health is 100% sure that all of the recommendations mentioned reduce the risk of coronovirus infection. From China’s experience, you can see that when returning to offices, employees observe a distance of one and a half meters, do not sit at the same catering table, and at the entrance of each, they measure the temperature and all these The remedies prevent the second wave of disease.

The reference PAYSPACE magazine

Recall that after the onset of quarantine in the United States, companies did not register an expected drop in labor productivity. The era of office work is officially ending, and those who do not agree can be safely attributed to the archaic bison.

Employees are so good at coping with their tasks that American officials are considering giving up part of their expensive office real estate to save money.

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