Health Ministry Calls On Ukrainians To Quarantine A Little More



Health Ministry Calls On Ukrainians To Quarantine A Little More

Health Ministry Calls On Ukrainians To Quarantine A Little More


03/05.2020 15:29


The Ministry of Health of Ukraine requests not to add work to medical workers with new cases of coronavirus infection and to be a little more quarantined.

The Ministry of Health posted the corresponding call on Facebook.

“We often complain that we are tired of sitting at home, wearing masks, we have to give up entertainment for the quarantine period. Every day thousands of doctors work in difficult conditions. At the risk of their own health, they save other lives 24 hours a day, in protective clothing and glasses, forgetting about fatigue and their own worries. They don’t complain and don’t stop. Help the doctors! Stay a while more at home, “they called the health ministry.

As indicated, as part of the coronavirus epidemic, the quarantine in Ukraine has been extended until May 11, 2020. If an epidemic does not occur before this date and the dynamics are favorable, the government will approve the first phase exit quarantine. Exiting quarantine will include five stages.

As part of the first quarantine phase, Ukrainians will be allowed to visit parks and squares. Authorization will be given to operate wholesale and retail stores selling non-food products, etc.

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On May 2, the mayor of Cherkasy, Anatoly Bondarenko, warned Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky that the city would resist if prosecuted for a decision to ease quarantine.

Earlier, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov warned the mayor of Cherkassy of a harsh response to the city’s executive committee decision on the weakening of quarantine, and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said that the government of the city of Cherkass should answer for the decision to relax the quarantine before the deadline fixed by the State.

As of May 3, in Ukraine, 11,913 cases of COVID-19 infection have been recorded. Among them, 829 children and 2,325 medical workers. 1,547 people have recovered. Death – 288.

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